We have tried below to answer most of the questions that you may have and, in general, how the site works. However, do not hesitate to contact us if necessary.


Finding a product.  
Use the left hand side of the screen. Information is held by Manufacturer or Category i.e. the type of equipment you are looking for. Alternatively, use the search box in the top centre of the page. Type in what you think might be part of the description e.g, headset. If you already know the product you are looking for, simply type in the product code or part of it in the search box.

More information on a product. 
Each product has a "more" link. Merely click on it to see the full product information including any other items/accessories associated with the product

The buying procedure is made up of five parts

Having found a product that you wish to purchase click on the "Add to Cart" symbol.You will then be shown the contents of your basket, including any standard delivery charge. You may change the quantity, delete the item, carry on shopping or go to check-out and payment stage. Before finally proceeding to check out you will always be shown a final SHOPPING CART SUMMARY which will contain all product details, all prices before vat, standard delivery charge, vat calculation
and total payment due. Faster delivery options will be offered later in the process

Any promotional offers available to you will also be shown on this page. Enter the promo code and press OK. Your Cart will be updated automatically.
You may be entitle to more than one offer. Enter any code shown to check.A full list of offers available will be shown by clicking on the PROMOS header at the top of the page.

Sign In
Having completed your cart and clicked on "Proceed to checkout", there are three options available on the next page. These are

Already Registered - sign in with your email and password, previously created, to complete the order
Create an Account - fill in all the required details to register an account before moving on to order completion
Instant Checkout - fill in the required address details etc to enable you to complete your purchase without actually registering.

We would always recommend registering as it enables you to see your full order history.

Here you will be shown both the Delivery and Invoice Address and be given the option to amend these or add a new address

You will see the description and cost of the standard delivery charge for your order
Faster delivery options and costs will be displayed and you may wish to select one of these, if appropriate
You must also agree to out Terms by ticking the box offered before you can again "Proceed to checkout".

There will be a final summary of your order, showing all products, prices, delivery charge and total payment required
In most cases there will be three payment methods offered

Pay by Cardstream - pay with your debit/credit card in the usual way. You will be taken off site to a secure gateway operated by a company called Cardstream who have full PCI DSS accreditation. NONE OF YOUR DETAILS ARE ENTERED ON OUR SITE AND WE DO NOT PROCESS NOR STORE ANY CARD DATA. You are returned to our site once payment has been made

Pay by Paypal - you will be taken off site to use your Paypal account. WE DO NOT PROCESS ANY DATA ON OUR SITE NOR STORE ANY OF THIS DATA. You are returned to our site once payment has been made.

Pay by BACS - offered to customers who do not like to complete card orders on line. You will be able to complete your order and be given our bank details for payment. Please note that your order will only be shipped once payment has been received.

In all cases you will be returned to our site and you will receive an email confirming your order.

BACS customers will receive a further email, reminding you of the payment required and giving bank details again,
Once payment is received, you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your payment.

All customers will receive a final email confirming shipment of your order.

A PDF copy of the invoice will be available either from your Order History, if registered, or via an attachment to the emails received.


Many customers use our site for pricing purposes and prefer to order using their own Purchase Order System.
We are happy to ship and invoice accordingly, to approved customers, on submission of an official purchase order.

Our site now offers the option of ordering on line using a Purchase Order number.
This has the great benefits of easy ordering and being able to see your full Order History

This must be agreed in advance and you will need to register on our site.
We then approve your purchase order status and amend your account registration to give you this permission.
On the final payments option page, when placing an order, the customer will be offered a fourth option
Pay by Purchase Order
(You will still be able to pay by Card, Paypal or BACS if you so wish)
Purchase Order details can be entered and the order completed
You will receive emails confirming receipt of order and shipment

An invoice can be printed either from the emails received or from your Order History

Delivery & Returns 
See "Terms and Conditions". Overseas orders - please contact us for charges

Data Protection 
D4u assures customers that personal data is kept safe and secure. We have updated our PRIVACY POLICY to comply with
GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)