Please check this page on a regular basis to keep up to date with our offers.

Intially, these will include offers relating to the registration and/or use of our new site


Offers available to you will be shown next to your basket in the "Summary" stage when you initially proceed to checkout.
You will need to select each one to include and your basket will update automatically
You will be informed if, for some reason, the offer cannot be used in your basket e.g not buying minimum amount

Promotional Offers currently available. Promo Codes in BOLD

  • 10LFH233  :  Buy TEN x LFH233 headsets and receive a discount offer of £7.50 in total off your basket price.

  • 5SPONGES233  :  Buy min 10 packs of 233ESP sponges and receive £5.00 discount

  • 5SPONGES234/334  :  Buy min 10 packs of 234/334ESP sponges and receive £5.00 discount

YOU COULD USE THEM ALL AT THE SAME TIME if your order qualifies

If you require any assistance or further explanation of our offers - please phone 01625 503858